Smarcade: A Dog Trapped in a Cat’s Body

Smarcade is almost two years old. I adopted him from a shelter when he was just 3 months old, and I quickly realized he wasn’t an ordinary cat. Then again, I’d never had a cat before Smarcade, so maybe all cats act like dogs and I just never knew. His sister, though, acts exactly like I thought a cat should act so…anyway.

Five reasons why my cat is secretly a dog:

1. While Jinx keeps her distance and will only be held when she wants to be, Smarcade is always happy to snuggle up. Most of my day is spent peering over my cat-scarf, trying to work on my computer. He just won’t move. I’ve heard of other cats who are cuddly, so this isn’t too weird…but just wait for the rest.

2. He does purr abnormally loud, which is definitely a cat thing, but he also pants like a dog, especially when running around like a mad man.

3. 90% of the time he’s running around, it’s to play fetch. Yep, my cat plays fetch. I did not train him to do so, but he will fetch and return for hours if I let him.

4. Smarcade will sit when told to do so. He actually listens to commands and can be trained. This is definitely a rarity. His sister’s refusal to obey is so extreme that I can almost imagine her sticking her tongue out and rolling her eyes at me.

5. He cries like a baby…or like a dog would whine. I don’t get up early enough? Up now, because Smarcade is crying right outside my door. When I make Spaghettios for the kids, Smarcade sits and cries until I give him the can to lick. He begs and whines, exactly like a dog.

So there you have it, my cat-dog. There are other small things he does that remind me of a dog, but those are the major ones. This is a website dedicated to my cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-dog. I’ll post pictures, videos, and stories about him and his antics. We’re about to put up our Christmas tree, so I’m sure that will be a good story. Sometimes Jinx does funny things too, like play the piano, or sit like a person on the couch. I’m sure I’ll mention her from time to time too.

My cat thinks he's a dog…